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Cabinet Martin, private detective agency



Cabinet Martin has many years' experience dealing with cases involving family and personal law, in terms of court cases, seeking evidence, surveillance, following targets, investigations and genealogical research.




Our services for private individuals



For further information and appointments:

Tel. Cannes: +33 493 385 798
Tel. Nice: +33 493 130 906
Fax: +33 492 989 451
Skype: bernardolivero

All enquiries dealt with confidentially and without obligation on your part.

Where Cabinet Martin can be of assistance:

  • Following targets/surveillance (car, motorbike, boat, on foot, etc.)
  • Checking on daily movements
  • Collection of evidence in civil and criminal affairs
  • Divorce: surveillance, preparation of certified bailiff's reports and investigation into lifestyle
  • Premarital investigations
  • Investigation of moral matters
  • Investigations concerning identity theft
  • Investigations concerning breach of honour
  • Investigations following theft or scams
  • Looking for witnesses
  • Investigation into problems concerning minors: worrying dubious associations and behaviour, rackets, runaways, abuse, etc
  • Person searches
  • Genealogical research
  • General solvency checks
  • Personal address searches
  • Employer searches
  • Property searches
  • Personal asset searches
  • Vehicle ownership searches
  • Financial domicile searches
  • General liability searches
  • Searches for heirs
  • Detection of telephone or video camera surveillance
  • Preparation of bailiff's visual reports
  • Etc.

Evidence: a key elemente

Following the law of 26 May 2004, the provision of proof concerning legal complaints is always taken into consideration by family judges. Provision of proof concerning non-conciliation considerably improves the chances of obtaining a divorce on grounds of fault by one party, resulting in more favourable conditions, particularly financial conditions, for the wronged party.

The divorce reform includes the notion of "equity", which is decided by judges, who will necessarily take into account objective factors allowing evaluation of the situation of the wronged party.

In order to provide proof, Cabinet Martin offers you the range of services and resources described above. Based on our individual assessment of your particular conditions, we will propose the best methods to obtain evidence accepted by the courts.

We will give you an estimate for the requisite services during your initial visit.

Our reports are all acceptable before the courts and are drawn up in strict compliance with current legal requirements. The reputation, long-standing (over 45 years), and experience of Cabinet Martin guarantee optimal handling of your case.

Why you should contact Cabinet Martin

The work carried out by Cabinet Martin detectives provides evidence about the real situation of spouses, while providing factual elements acceptable to the courts working entirely within the legal framework governing the profession and in accordance with current regulations.

Our company can also carry out investigations to determine the extent of hidden patrimony, should families require this, as well as searching for missing heirs.

Handling of evidence must comply rigorously with the new requirements in order to ensure that "investigation reports" are conclusive and acceptable.

Thanks to its cooperative approach, its flexibility, its efficacy and its past successes, Cabinet Martin enjoys a good reputation among many legal professionals.

Special payment conditions for private individuals

At your first appointment, Cabinet Martin will give you an estimate for the work you require.

Cabinet Martin has also instituted easier payment facilities allowing you to 4 months in which to pay in order to make it easier for you to defend your interests.

With more than 45 years of experience in the field, Cabinet Martin is the special partner you need.

For further information:


Cabinet Martin, private detective agency  -
Cannes agency: 37, Rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes FRANCE - Tel.: +33 493 385 798 - Fax: +33 492 989 451 - Skype : bernardolivero
Nice agency: 3, Avenue Jean Médecin, 5 bis Place Massena 06000 Nice FRANCE - Tel.: +33 493 130 906 - Fax: +33 493 876 008
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