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Cabinet Martin, private detective agency



Effective inquiries, discretion and highly professional standards.

Since its creation in 1963, Cabinet Martin has been providing its customers with information vital for their decision-making, based on effective inquires, a perfect mix of investigations on the terrain with administrative and computer-based investigations, absolute discretion and a highly professional approach.

Whether you are a company or individual, we offer you a free appointment to discuss your needs without obligation and give you an estimate for the services you require. All of our investigation reports are in a format suitable for legal use.




Cabinet Martin, from field experience to high technologies



For further information and appointments:

Tel. Cannes: +33 493 385 798
Tel. Nice: +33 493 130 906
Fax: +33 492 989 451
Skype: bernardolivero

All enquiries dealt with confidentially and without obligation on your part.

Cabinet Martin Detective Agency was founded in 1963 at 57 rue d'Antibes in Cannes by Madame Ginette Martin.

Focusing mainly on private work (surveillance, following targets, investigation of moral matters, investigation of solvency, investigation of financial domiciliation, and so on), the agency's reputation has continued to grow.

In 1993, it was initially taken over by Jean-Luc Desprez before being acquired in 1994 by Marc-Olivier Desprez.

With a high school diploma in international commerce and an MBA in the United States, as well as six years of experience in major distribution (Auchan, Toys "R" Us), Marc-Olivier Desprez brought the agency a fresh approach to investigations.

Five key areas were established:

  • Investigations for private individuals
  • Investigations for professionals
  • Investigations and agents, legal professionals
  • Investigations on behalf of insurance companies
  • Investigations using new technologies (internet searches for digital data).

Thanks to its serious, methodological approach and the quality of information provided in detailed, pertinent reports, the agency continued to flourish.

In 2000, Cabinet Martin was transformed into a limited company capitalised at 88.770 Euros.

In 2004, Cabinet Martin opened a new agency in Nice, 3 avenue Jean Medecin.

Cabinet Martin is the sole agency in Europe offering a combination of investigation in the field (surveillance and following targets) coupled with administrative inquiries (solvency checks, verification of financial / commercial information) and investigations based on digital evidence.

For more information:


Cabinet Martin, private detective agency  -
Cannes agency: 37, Rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes FRANCE - Tel.: +33 493 385 798 - Fax: +33 492 989 451 - Skype : bernardolivero
Nice agency: 3, Avenue Jean Médecin, 5 bis Place Massena 06000 Nice FRANCE - Tel.: +33 493 130 906 - Fax: +33 493 876 008
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