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Cabinet Martin, private detective agency


CyberDetective protects your computer system

Whether you are a company or a private individual, you face the same computer risks concerning confidentiality of the data stored on or passing through your computer. CyberDetective helps you protect your computer system and your sensitive data:

  • Identify hacking attempts
  • Recover a password
  • Ensure anonymity
  • Identify the authors of e-mails
  • Ensure your ADSL connection is secure
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is secure
  • Ensure your Bluetooth connection is secure




Services provided by CyberDetective



For further information and appointments:

Tel. Cannes: +33 493 385 798
Tel. Nice: +33 493 130 906
Fax: +33 492 989 451
Skype: bernardolivero

All enquiries dealt with confidentially and without obligation on your part.

Identifying attempts to infiltrate a computer system

A hacker can install a program on your system known as a "keylogger" which records all the keystrokes you perform on your computer and then forwards them by e-mail. This keylogger can be used to discover your passwords, credit card details, sites you have visited, discussions on Facebook or MSN, e-mails you have sent or received, and so on. Such spyware is not always detected by antivirus software or blocked by firewalls!

  • If you have any doubts, call CyberDetective to detect and eliminate all spyware.


Recovering a password

If you have lost passwords needed to access a file, or to open your computer or a program such as Outlook, in some cases you can recover these passwords.

  • Memory loss or a negligent employee? CyberDetective can recover your passwords.


Maintaining anonymity

When you surf the net, you leave behind you many traces of your activity without necessarily knowing it, both on your computer and on the websites you have visited. Methods exist to remove such traces and surf anonymously, and even to send anonymous e-mails.

  • CyberDetective can teach you about these methods.


Discovering the source of an e-mail

Do you receive malevolant anonymous e-mail? Certain computer programs can be used to trace the authors of anonymous e-mails.

  • If you need to know, CyberDetective can help you identify the author of an e-mail.


Making your ADSL connection secure

The “box” supplied by Web access providers is simply a router that can be configured from your computer. To do this, you merely need to know the login and password, which by default are usually “admin” and “password”. Anyone who knows your IP address can thus take control of your “box” and configure it to turn your computer into a "botnet", in other words a “zombie” fully controlled by a hacker who can then use it for unauthorised purposes, for instance to launch attacks upon online commercial sites or government sites or to host paedophile, pornography or terrorist sites on your computer. Legally, you are enterely responsible for your computer, for all activity performed using your IP, and for the content of your computer.

  • CyberDetective can configure your “box” to ensure optimum security.


Making your Wi-Fi connection secure

Your “box” is also a Wi-Fi emitter that can be used to connect your computer anywhere in the house or office. Under certain conditions, Wi-Fi can be transmitted up to 300 meters, and a hacker outside your house or office can thus capture your signal and tap into your network to steal your data or surf the web. In certain cases, a Wi-Fi system requires no password, thus providing open access. In the most common case, a Wi-Fi system asks for a WEP key, which a hacker can crack within 10 minutes. In order to avoid such a scenario, a Wi-Fi system must be connected using a WEP key.

  • Call CyberDetective to configure your Wi-Fi network using your WEP key.


Making your Bluetooth connection secure

Many computers and telephones are equipped with “Bluetooth” technology allowing them to communicate with one another or with other systems using the same technology such as Bluetooth earpieces for mobile phones.

Software exists that can be used to scan active Bluetooth devices, and in some cases, infiltrate them, thus allowing hackers to steal a contact list from a mobile phone for example or confidential documents from a computer.

  • CyberDetective can help you and show you how to protect yourself against such attacks.

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