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cyberdetective protection for professionals

Protecting a company's individual computers and computer system is a critical activity. All malevolent actions or simply acts of negligence can have far-reaching repercussions on a company's economic welfare, or even its viability. CyberDetective provides assistance with setting up your system and suggests procedures that will allow you to control and protect your computer system:

  • Surveillance of company Internet activity.
  • Set-up of a company password policy.
  • Surveillance of the company website.
  • Data protection.




Special services for professionals



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Tel. Cannes: +33 493 385 798
Tel. Nice: +33 493 130 906
Fax: +33 492 989 451
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Surveillance of the company's Internet activity

A recent study has shown that employees of companies with Internet currently spend an average of 66 minutes a day surfing on the web, resulting in 33 days of lost work time a year for each company employee! Moreover, 50% of the company's Internet budget goes towards personal Internet use and only 23% of the actual bandwidth is required for the company's professional activities. In other words, 77% of bandwidth is used for personal web surfing by employees in the workplace.

The law authorises you to monitor the web activity of your employees and to restrict such activity subject to two conditions:

  • Your employees must be informed of this measure.
  • You may not read an employee's personal mail or access their personal files on a hard disk.

CyberDetective can set up a Cyber Surveillance system for you.


Password policy

The sacking of an employee or of sick leave may prevent you from accessing information on their computer. CyberDetective can help you recover the password, but it is best to anticipate this type of situation in advance.

  • Call CyberDetective to set up a password policy.


Surveillance of the company website

Your company has a website, but do you know who visits your site? Do your competitors visit your site and if so how often? Have there been attempts to hack your site?

  • If you need to know the answers to these questions, CyberDetective can help.


Data protection

Computer data are vital for any company, and their loss can have drastic financial consequences, and may even force the company to close. Negligence, viruses, computer crashes, power surges and fires are not simply things that happen to others. It is very simple to protect against such loss.

  • Call CyberDetective to set up a simple data backup policy.

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